Managed Services

Building on our solid reputation as a break fix service provider, Bytes Managed Solutions has acquired new toolsets to address the changing business landscape in which our existing customers operate, and to expand into new industries with more holistic and flexible offerings.

We help our clients to retain their competitive edge by reducing operational cost, optimising resource utilisation, leading product innovation, and expanding investments in digital platforms and business analytics tools.

 We know our clients operate in a relentlessly competitive environment. In response, we align ourselves strategically with technology and Industry trends that support our clients’ long-term business requirements, guarantee uptimes and provide a much improved customer experience.

 We have extensive experience in supporting some of the leading retailers and largest banks in South Africa.

Our break fix offering

The Bytes Managed Solutions’ break fix service model is supported by the largest self-owned footprint in southern Africa, covering 110 locations in South Africa and extending into 17 sub-Saharan African countries via either Bytes offices or a well-established partner network. 

Our distribution network makes use of a 4th party logistics (4PL) arrangement that includes repair and pre-staging facilities for a variety of product lines. Our extensive Rework facility provides our clients with extended lifecycle options on equipment. 

We operate a distributed warehouse system with central control and management, ensuring ‘The Right Part in the Right Place at the Right Time’ to meet critical contractual turn-around times and exceed customer satisfaction expectancies. Our operations manage more than 35 000 product lines with stock varying from components and complete units to client consignment stock, and is held country-wide in 22 PCI DSS-compliant stocking locations and over 650 “boot-stock” locations to support our technical staff.

A centralised service desk logs and manages client incidents, controls adherence to SLAs, and provide visibility via intelligent dashboards. The service desk manages the full life cycle of a client, from financial and contractual on-boarding, through to disengagement at the end of the contract term. 

All these services are based on ITIL principles and underpinned by ISO9001 disciplines to ensure consistent quality.

The Bytes Enterprise Managed Services (BEMS) offering

Bytes Managed Solutions offers customers the option to enter into a pure managed services relationship with us, or a hybrid agreement that includes break fix elements. International trends tell us that a hybrid model – typically consisting of 40% managed services and 60% break fix services – is the preferred option for most customers.

 BEMS is a scalable, flexible on-premise or cloud-based management solution that enables Bytes Managed Solutions to perform remote monitoring and management, automate services and workflow processes, minimise downtime and reduce HR associated costs.

The basic offering covers monitoring and remote healing and is scalable to meet the client’s specific business requirements. The product can be expanded to include IT asset tracking, back-up and recovery, mobile device management, task automation, security and risk, compliance and governance, and power management services.

Our biggest differentiator is a consumption-based pricing model, allowing our clients to only pay for what they use and deploy.

BEMS is simple to implement, as was proven by our 3-month deployment turnaround for a South African retailer with 24 000 users and a footprint extending into the rest of Africa. A project of this nature will typically take up to 12 months.

Our managed service solution or hybrid model offering gives customers a stable, standardised and secure platform with reduced downtime and improved end user productivity. It results in increased revenue, manageable IT spend, and the redirection of IT staff to focus on revenue generating activities, innovation and expansion, instead of the managing of business operations.  



Marina Terhaar, Managed Services and Services Sales Lead

Tel: 083 441 0639