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Hospitality rule #1: the customer is always right. So when you say, “I need a simpler way to run this business,” we get it. 

You want a single solutions vendor, not five. And technologies that easily work together, enabling exceptional customer experiences. 

In short, you want what Bytes MS offers in conjunction with our partner NCR.

Our software, hardware and support enable quick service, table service and fine dining restaurants to:

  • Get real-time reporting and customer feedback (from anywhere, at any time).
  • Give customers better control of their experience with mobile ordering and payment.
  • Capture attention with digital signage.
  • Keep up on employee and customer activity – even remotely.

Bytes MS is the exclusive provider of NCR Aloha – one of the most popular restaurant POS solutions worldwide – in South Africa. 

Aloha helps operators to boost sales by increasing both the pace and the quality of service. Staff uses Aloha to efficiently enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations. 

More than 100 000 restaurants around the world are already benefiting from a just-right combination of Aloha solutions.

Aloha’s large portfolio of solution modules ensures a perfect match with your needs, resulting in operational, managerial and engagement advantages:

Serve customers faster, resulting in tables turning quicker and diners not getting impatient. An added – and significant – benefit is that waiting staff earn bigger tips from satisfied customers.

Better management of food, labour, and other costs continuously improve profitability and provide a base for increased capabilities. Serve guests faster, increase your profits and control your costs.

Increase guest satisfaction – and sales – by better enabling transactions and feedback. With Aloha you will see how faster and more accurate seating times result in a more satisfactory experience

Hospitality and Gaming


For more information, please contact:

Shuheid Brown, Senior Manager: New Industries

Tel: +27 11 373 4247