Healthcare & Pharma

With healthcare globally being at the intersection of ever-rising healthcare costs and the introduction of disruptive digital innovations, the future of health innovations, services and real-time solutions will play a significant role in the future of healthcare in South Africa.

At Bytes Managed Solutions, we make our customer’s digital business outcomes stick by implementing and orchestrating technology and the services needed to manage it across both the front and back-office in an effective, efficient and economical manner, ensuring our customers are always on-line, realtime with their staff, suppliers and patients.

Bytes Enterprise Management Services (BEMS) is a scalable, flexible on premise or cloud-based IT management solution that simplifies and enhances the way the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries do business. The benefit of BEMS include:

  • A single pane of glass interface - delivering highly-repeatable, best practice IT management services
  • Maximised functionality through a single product via consolidation 
  • Simplicity and user-friendliness 
  • Reduction in power utilization - offset against baseline cost 
  • Budget for your business requirement and scale functionality accordingly 
  • Automation of manual IT processes 
  • Increased uptime:
    • due to more agile turnaround times on outages- software
    • reduced project roll-out times (remote deployment/back-up/restores) 
    • self healing capabilities via automation

The basic offering covers monitoring and remote healing IT asset tracking, task automation, vulnerability assessment and power management. The product can be expanded to include Network and Cloud Management, Office 365, back-up and recovery, Enterprise Mobile device management, security and risk, compliance and governance as well as building management systems (facilities).

Bytes Managed Solutions offers customers the option to enter into a pure managed services relationship with us, or a hybrid agreement that includes break fix elements. International trends tell us that a hybrid model – typically consisting of 40% managed services and 60% break fix services – is the preferred option for most customers.

Our biggest differentiator is a consumption-based pricing model, allowing our clients to only pay for what they use and deploy.


Bytes Enterprise Management Services (BEMS) is a scalable, flexible on premise or cloud-based IT management solution

























For more information, please contact:

Shuheid Brown, Senior Manager: New Industries

Tel: +27 11 373 4247