Public Sector

We understand the complexities, challenges and demands that the public sector in South Africa face everyday. We also know that having a partner that can assist in addressing the service delivery areas required to empower the people and communities of South Africa is vital for the growth of the country.

With our extensive experience, resources, personnel and national footprint, Bytes MS provides government departments with information technology products, services and digitally enabled solutions that streamline and transform the traditional notions of how government does business.

Our focus as a service provider is to keep government departments IT systems operational, available and secure so that departments can focus on the everyday demands of expanding their business, managing costs and increasing revenues. We’re here to help them realize the productivity gains and ROI they have been expecting from our computer systems all along. 

One of the products that we are introducing to Government is Kaseya of which Bytes Managed Solutions white labelled as Bytes Enterprise Management Services (BEMS) which consists of various service level offerings that provide affordable proactive IT management and support. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, provides a range of proactive services designed to optimize their technology investment and maximize the productivity of their people and business. 

It’s not just about monitoring, that just lets you know something is wrong. And it’s not just about remote access to your systems to troubleshoot issues.

Overview of BEMS Baseline and Enhanced modules as a solution include:

“It’s about a proactive preventative approach to IT systems management.”

























For more information, please contact:

Shuheid Brown, Senior Manager: New Industries

Tel: +27 11 373 4247